Beams Restoration

Queen’s Furniture Limited also specialises on repairing old wooden beams WITHOUT the need of bringing down the ceiling. It is the most proven effective and safe system.

Queen’s Furniture Limited had taken collaboration with a foreign company – Rotafix Limited, which has been specialising in these works for years. Queen’s Furniture Limited is the sole representative of Rotafix Limited in Malta. Rotafix are pioneers and specialist in the structural repair of timber and masonry. They provide solutions to simple and complex structural repairs, as well as bonding and coating projects across the globe. They work closely with architects, structural engineers and contractors on heritage and historic buildings as well as on new construction projects.

Advantages of this system:

1) Maintains the maximum amount of the original timber
2) Flexible repair option in accordance with access
3) Our material are designed specifically to behave like wood
4) Low disturbance to building fabric
5) Cost effective solution compared to complete removal and replacement
6) Upgrades the strength and performance of the original timber

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